Stefan Goldbach

Dr. Stefan Goldbach

Former member at the Chair of International Economics

Fachgebiet VWL, Internationale Wirtschaft

Curriculum Vitae

2004 Abitur at Rabanus-Maurus-Schule (Domgymnasium), Fulda

2005 – 2008 Student of Economics at Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz (Degree: Diplom-Volkswirt)

2008 Student research assistant for the Chair of Banking (Prof. Dr. Dietmar Leisen), University of Mainz

2009 Research Position at Deutsche Bundesbank (Department “Banking and Financial Supervision”)

2009 – 2014 Research and teaching assistent at the Chair of International Economics at the Darmstadt University of Technology

2009 – 2012 PhD Student “PhD Program in Economics” (Graduate School of Economics, Finance and Management, cooperation of University Frankfurt, University Mainz and Darmstadt University of Technology)

2011 – 2013 Visiting Researcher at the Research Center of Deutsche Bundesbank

2013 PhD in Economics, Darmstadt University of Technology

Since 2014 Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt


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